I know right? The name of the product is a bit mouthful. But welcome back love 🙂 Finding the perfect foundation to withstand Nigeria’s climate can be a Herculean task and more often than not, the product that actually works tends to be way out of our budget. In today’s post, I’ll be giving a detailed review on Maybelline’s fit me foundation which, to an appreciatable extent, does the job really well.

  1. Ideal for normal to oily skin.
  2. Pore minimizing foundation.
  3. Our exclusive matte foundation formula features Micro-powders to control shine and blur pores.
  4. Dermatologist tested.
  5. Allergy tested.
  6. Non-comedogenic.  


The product comes in a sturdy 30 ml bottle. It does not come with a pump to make dispensing the product easier which is a major downer. The foundation itself is really light weight and has a light to medium coverage. 

Overall, the product package is quite okay for a drugstore foundation. I am in shade 338 (spicy brown) which matches my skin tone perfectly.


First of all start with a clean and moistured face. With this foundation, you need to apply a face primer or use the powder before foundation trick I talked about HERE (it’s a link, click on it!). I usually put the amount of product I need on the back of my hand and apply using a kabuki foundation brush first before using a beauty blender.

 It gives a really nice matte finishing when applied to skin. This particular shade suits my skin tone perfectly which is really good as I dislike when a foundation is overly lighter than one’s skin tone. The foundation lasts for 4 hours or more if I blot some time during the day.


If you’re looking for a foundation that is budget friendly but still bomb then it is your pick. I love that it is light weight and doesn’t feel cakey on the skin. 

You know a product is worth it when you purchase it for the second time 😉

I would give this foundation a 10/10 but the cons are that it may not be suitable for people with hyperpigmentation as the foundation isn’t full coverage. Also, a pump would have been really good to help dispense the product easier. The product range would have been extended to suit more skin tones as well.

For price and availability, this foundation is pretty much everywhere in Nigeria but you need to look out for the fake one. The price really depends on your location and the retailer but the highest price I have seen it retail for is 6,500 naira. You can as well get it online from JUMIA or KONGA (once again, there are links attached!)

That’s all I have! Hope you enjoyed this review and don’t forget to leave a comment if this post helped or not, nobody likes a ghost reader 🙂 hugs and kisses! ❤

What’s your go-to foundation? Have you tried the fit me foundation before? Or has this post convinced you to purchase one? Please leave a comment below, thanks!



  1. Amaka says:

    Girl so it lasts 4 hours even when you do the powder before foundation routine? That isn’t too impressive oh, but then again it is one of the highly recommended brands when it comes to people like us who are the CEO’s of the oily face association! Have you tried any others? I’m guessing this is the best you’ve come across

    Liked by 1 person

    • Annie Johnson says:

      Lol the heat in Nigeria is capable of melting anything my dear and it’s a light weight foundation but I feel like it could last longer if you are in a chilled environment.The Mary Kay timewise is just as good as this one. Zaron foundation as well. But if your bank account is really blessed 😂😂, you could try out the Kat Von D lock it tattoo foundation, I heard it works wonders!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Amaka says:

        Lol about the chilled environment! The heat is the main thing discouraging me from my dream slay life. When I think of the heat and how I’d probably mistakenly scratch off an eyebrow, I just say forget it and throw on powder before leaving the house.
        The day I begin to do the whole foundation eyeshadow lip thing, we will know I am now a big girl, lol! Mary Kay, I’ve only ever seen older women use it. I’m currently battling between the Fit Me, Zaron, Revlon Color Stay and Hegai and Esther foundations. Kat Von D, I see her products but abeg o I want to cut my coat according to my size lol!


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