Hello love! Hope this month has been amazing for you so far? Last Sunday, I got into a conversation with a friend who wants to start her makeup business and she needed help on what beauty products to purchase. 

I got the idea from there to make a series on that to help others like her as well. This is the first post in this series and the next/final one will be up next week. In this post, I’ll share the basic items that should be in a makeup kit and next week’s post will focus on useful tips plus how/where to shop for makeup items and answer any questions that you may have. Cool yeah? 


Let’s get started, shall we? 😉

This is going to be a mini what’s in my makeup bag as well. I am a makeup ENTHUSIAST and as such, what’s in my kit would be a lot more different than what’s in a professional makeup artist’s kit but the basics still remain the same. 


 This has to be the first on the list. A good makeup artist knows the importance of having at least one brush set in her kit. There’s only so little your fingers can do ( I mean, can they can blend out your transition colours?) There are different brushes for different purposes and so, invest in a good brush set to help your work look better. 

Culled from Pinterest



A primer is the basis for a flawless makeup application. It helps your makeup last longer than it normally would. When buying one, you need to consider your skin type- normal, oily or dry skin. An oily skin needs a mattifying primer while a dry skin needs a hydrating primer. I have an oily skin so I’m currently using pond’s oil control cream. 


Foundations can make or mar your makeup look. Before buying a foundation (or any beauty product), please make sure to read several reviews on it to know if it’s long lasting, perfect enough to cover hyperpigmentation (if you have) and so much more. Also please be sure to get your exact shade in order to avoid looking like an alien! There’s a review of my current favorite foundation on the blog, you can read it _HERE_.


Concealers are used for a number of reasons- to cover up spots, highlight and contour routine, clean up brows and the rest. Some people also use it as a foundation. The most common yet amazing concealers are from L.A girl cosmetics. You need to watch out for the fake ones as there are a lot in the market.

Warm Honey to clean up my brows, Fawn to highlight and Dark Cocoa to contour

The rest include: a contour kit, setting/finishing powders, highlighters/illuminators, blush and a setting spray.




Pencil, powder or gel formula, this should be staple in every makeup kit! 


As a beginner, you can start by buying the palettes sold in your local beauty store and then work your way up because to be honest, a well pigmented eyeshadow palette could be a bit expensive for a starter.

Can you guess what palettes these are? Comment below!


To get that killer wing eye makeup look, you need an eyeliner and to make your eyelashes look even more attractive, mascara is your weapon! 


This could be optional for some people but false eyelashes take your makeup look from 0 to 100 real quick! 



This is yet another staple in any makeup kit. Consider different colours and formulas when buying these. There are a lot of affordable brands in the market which you can shop from! 

EXTRAS INCLUDE: Cotton wool, tape, Vaseline and baby wipes.

This is quite a lengthy post but I hope you learnt a thing or two. Don’t forget to check out next week’s post which will be the concluding part of this series. Also, if you have questions that you need me to answer, please leave a comment below and I just might add that to next week’s post. Thanks for reading! 


               || HUGS AND KISSES ||

                              Annie x

Do you have a makeup kit? What items are in yours? Please leave a comment below, thanks! 



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