Welcome back love! Happy new month in advance!! I can’t believe 2017 will be ending soon. It feels like it was just yesterday we were celebrating the new year! Just a thoughtful reminder to seize every moment and make them memorable even though it’s quite appalling to know that issues like slavery still exist in our contemporary world. Before you continue reading, please take a minute to pray for our brothers/sisters in Libya. The future is really uncertain. Done? Thank you! ❤

Today’s post is a tutorial on how to achieve the reverse smokey eyeshadow look. Yes, it’s different from your conventional smokey eyeshadow look and no, it’s not new. You probably have seen this look on celebrities like KKW. In the reverse look, the “smokiness” is on the lower lash lines rather than on the eye lids.

In my opinion, the reverse look is quite easier to achieve because less blending is involved which is perfect especially for newbies. 

If your mirror and magic tools (because, apparently, MUAs are witches) are ready, here are the steps! 

  • First of all, prep your eye lids using a primer or concealer set with a translucent powder.
  • Next, blend in your transitional colours focusing on the outer v of your eyes.
  • Apply your eye lid colour using a brush and while doing so, carve out your crease. This gives your eyes a more defined shape especially if you have a hooded eye shape.
  • Line your lash line next using a liquid or gel eyeliner.

          • Time for the fun part! Using a small brush, line your lower lash line using a gel/pencil eyeliner. Remember, a little goes a long way!
          • Using the same brush or a small blending brush, blend out the line using a black eyeshadow (or any colour of your choice!)
          • Please be sure not to use a lot of eyeshadow at once, start little and then increase as you desire. (We do not want to look like a raccoon!)
          • Apply some of the black eyeshadow on your outer v also and blend outwards to give that feline eye makeup look. 
          • Apply some mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Fix your false eyelashes if you can (this is optional)
          • For a cleaner edge, use a foundation or concealer and voila! You’re done! 

                  PRODUCT USED


                  • Naked 4 two-in-one eye brow kit
                  • L.A girl concealer in warm honey to clean up brows


                  • L.A girl concealer set with black opal finishing powder in 03 as base
                  • Transitional colours (orange and brown) from Morphe 35o eyeshadow palette 
                  • Lid colour and black eyeshadow from Classic makeup 24 eyeshadow palette
                  • Naked 4 two-in-one eye brow kit- black base 
                  • Kiss beauty eye liner
                  • False eyelashes in style 690


                  • Pond’s oil control cream as primer
                  • Maybelline fit me foundation in shade 338 (read review HERE )
                  • L.A girl pro concealer in fawn and sacha buttercup setting powder to highlight
                  • L.A girl pro concealer in dark cocoa and Zaron face definer in shade pz15 for contour
                  • L.A pride finishing powder 
                  • A.B.H glow kit- golden bronze and dripping in gold
                  • Rose water as finishing spray


                  Random pink lip liner from local market

                  This is my first attempt at this and I must say, I did good 😀 (feel free to leave your ratings below) I really love this eye makeup look because of it’s intensity and how it just screams bold! It is perfect for a first date or outing with the girls! With a look like this, I advise you pair it with a nude lip colour so all attention goes to your eyes! Still unsure on how to achieve this look? Watch Jackie Aina’s tutorial HERE!

                  If you ever recreate this look, please do not forget to tag me (@anniejaai) I would love to see your trials too! Till next time, bye loves! 

                  Have you ever tried the reverse smokey eyeshadow look before? Or have you been inspired by mine? I would love to know your thoughts, please leave a comment below, thanks! 


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